Astrology and compatibility

Couple kissing
Couple kissing
Couple kissing

Looking at love compatibility between two people through the lens of astrology is a complex task. It involves a lot more than considering the sun signs. An astrological chart consists of many aspects, where each part can have an impact on a romantic relationship. For practical purposes however we focus on a few main elements, which have significant bearing on love compatibility. In My Multidate we focus on four aspects of the composite (combined) charts. These are:

  1. The sun signs. The sun sign represents your conscious mind and ego. It’s the part of us that makes final decisions and directs us through reason and not by instinct. It also represents our willpower and creative life force. The sun shows who we’re learning to be. Those who identify strongly with their sun sign are often happy as they’re in alignment with their learning goals.


We check to see if the sun signs are of the same element, similar or opposite each other. Signs within the same element of air, fire, earth or water have in general better compatibility. Air and fire also go good together. Similarly, are Earth and water signs are a harmonious combination. Similar signs often create a strong bond. It’s also true that opposites attract. With opposite we mean the sign directly opposite in the chart. The more directly opposite the signs are placed with few degrees of separation the stronger the attraction can be.


  1. The moon signs. The moon sign represents our subconscious mind, our habits and our deepest personal needs. Where the sun acts by reason the moon reacts by instincts. The moon is associated with feminine energy and inner child. It is receptive, responsive and reflective. The moon in our chart shows how we protect ourselves and make ourselves feel comfortable and safe.


We check for compatibility between moon signs the same way we check sun sign compatibility. In addition, we also look for attractions between the moon sign and the other persons sun sign. If the other person has a sun sign that is a great match with your moon, it will also create attraction.  


  1. The ascendants (rising signs). The ascendant represents our outward expression to the world. It’s one of the most important elements of astrology and is associated with how we respond to new people and situations. Regarding compatibility, the same methodology applies to this sign like we look at sun signs and moon signs. We also look for attractions between the ascendant and the other persons sun and moon signs.


  1. The Venus signs. Venus is known as the planet of love and romance, so it’s position in your chart is crucial when assessing compatibility. Your Venus sign tells us how you approach love, what attracts you and how you handle romance. We look for similarities or opposites between your Venus sign and all the planets of the other person. Where the similar or opposite signs are found also carries significance.

These four analyses give us a general impression of your astrological compatibility with another person. In My Multidate this is only one of several different analyses we do in order to assess the compatibility between two of our members. We also look at astrocartographic, numerological and human design compatibility in addition to using our reason and intuition. In addition we also draw a tarot card for each candidate, and we do a name reading of each candidate. It’s also important to understand that great results in an astrological compatibility assessment doesn’t necessarily mean the relationship will blossom. We need to look at the compatibility holistically and consider the members maturity as well. Where the person is on their personal journey is significant. Timing is important. We’ll write more about that and our different compatibility analyses in other articles.