Human design and compatibility

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Human Design is a relatively new concept that was first introduced to humanity on this planet in 1987. At that time Alan Robert Krakower had been living on the island Ibiza for four years working as a schoolteacher. He had no interest in things of a mystical nature and didn’t even know his own astrological sign. That was about to change on the 3rd of January 1987. Then he was contacted by an etherical intelligence which he called the Voice. For eight days he was given detailed and scientific information about the reality of the human species.

Based on that information Alan put together the system known as the Human Design System. Human Design is a personality mapping technique that blends Western and Eastern astrology, the Kabbalah, the Chinese I´Ching, the Hindu Chakra system and quantum physics. Alan Robert Krakower even changed his name to Ra Uru Hu after the experience with the Voice.

Human Design requires no belief in anything and does not involve worship of any deities. Neither is it required or encouraged that you change your name. The system’s founder Ra has always encouraged anyone learning about Human Design to approach it with skepticism and take the time to test and verify everything. In April 2000, the first studies based on 30,000 cases proved that Human Design is indeed a valid, reliable construct. The research was carried out by Eleanor Haspel-Portner, PhD and is available at Unified Life Sciences.

According to the Human Design System a human being has one of four different aura-types. 70 % of the human population on earth are Generators. 20 % are Projectors while 9 % are Manifestors. The remaining 1 % are Reflectors. The Generators are considered as an energy type as they have access to far more sacral energy on a regular basis than the other non-energy types. Regarding compatibility it’s generally considered that it’s easier to have a marriage with someone of the same type. The non-energy types can however mix with each other pretty good. As an example, a Reflector can have a great relationship with a Manifestor. It’s however more difficult to mix a non-energy type like a Projector with a Generator.

The non-energy types typically need more sleep and rest that the Generators. The Generators need to spend their energy each day in order to have a good night’s sleep and tend to stay up later at night. If a projector sleeps in the same bed as a Generator, the Projector will often process the Generators sacral energy all night. As a result, the Projector can wake up exhausted. Over the long run the non-energy types are in risk of developing health problems if they’re married to a Generator.

As a rule, we don’t match a non-energy type with an energy type in My Multidate. We prefer to match our members with members of the same Human Design type. However, we’re open to matching non-energy types with other non-energy types if our other analyses show they’re a great match. This is especially relevant for the Reflectors as they’re only 1 % of the population, and we don’t want to narrow down their options too much.

The Generators can be further separated into two sub-groups. These are regular Generators and Manifesting Generators. 32 % of the world’s population are Manifesting Generators while 38 % are regular Generators. The Manifesting Generators are typically even more energetic and appear as faster paced than the more easy-going Generators. We prefer to match these energy types with members who have the same energy type as equal energy levels generally results in the most happiness and fulfilment.

Another important aspect when considering the love compatibility using the Human Design System is to check for connecting gates between the energy centers (chakras). In a Human Design chart (see figure below) it’s normal to have some defined channels between the centres. Those who don’t have any defined channels are the Reflectors. It’s also normal to have some gates defined, which are unconnected channels. A gate is like a half bridge. When we consider the compatibility between two people, we look for these half bridges and check if they connect with a half bridge on the other person.

Human design chart

The more connecting gates between two people the more energetic attraction there is. But it’s not always better with as many as possible. Four or more connecting gates can create a strong connection that can be hard to break even if the relationship is abusive. It can also create an energetic cocoon that makes it hard to connect with the outer world. Ideally the couple should have at least one open center when we look at their combined charts. With one or more open centers in their combined chart the couple will have the ability to connect well with other people.

We will write more about the different energy types, energy centers and channels in other articles.