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By signing up as a free member in My Multidate you'll get the following benefits:

  1. We will look for candidates that we believe are great matches for you among our members.
  2. Access to your individual member page andwhere you can update your profile.
  3. You may purchase participation for a Multidate when we have found a great selection of candidates for you among our members. We make sure we have plenty of suitable backup candidates in case some decline the offer.

How we differ from most online dating sites

On most online dating sites the members have to do all the work themselves. Our members however can't search for and contact other members. We do all the searching, matching and setting up dates for you.

How we differ from most matchmakers

Most matchmakers charge for one year of matchmaking in advance. This normally includes a number or introductions and coaching sessions. Typically the candidates are introduced one at the time. The yearly fee can be quite high, and you may not know how many introductions you'll get for what you paid. With us however you pay for each Multidate and coaching session separately so you have much more control of your spending.

Why you should choose us

  1. You pay for dates first when we have the candidates lined up for you, and you decide if you want to buy a Multidate or not.
  2. We use spiritual tools like astrology, numerology, human design, tarot, astrocartography and name reading when matching our members. All of these elements are included and described in every match analysis we send to you.
  3. You decide if you want coaching sessions, and you can cancel the membership anytime with no binding time.