3 women meet 3 men

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What is a Multidate?

In a Multidate we match three women with three suitable men within a time frame of one week. All three women we select for the Multidate are great matches for all three men, and vice versa. We set up video dates, where each person meets one candidate at a time on a separate day for each date.

Before the dates we send a match analysis to each participant. In the analysis we describe why we believe you are great matches, and we suggest topics to talk about in the date. We send you separate links to each date. You simply click the right link at the right time, and then you meet the candidate on a live video conference. Make sure you have a working webcamera and microphone on your computer/phone/tablet.

If you both feel the chemistry is great, you may exchange contact information and schedule a date in real life directly on the video date. You may also decide to reserve your judgement until after you've met all three candidates. We recommend being open to pursue a candidate if the feelings are right even if you haven't met the other candidates yet.

After the dates we send you a date feedback form, which you fill out and return to us. In the feedback form you rate the candidates and describe what you liked or disliked about each candidate. You also note if you would like to get to know one or more of the candidates better.

When we have reviewed the feedback forms, we provide your contact information (phone number and email) to the candidates you want to get to know better if the interest is mutual. We also give you their contact information. From this point it's up to you or the other candidates to set up dates in real life. You may also purchase coaching from us if you would like to get additional help.