Happy newly wed couple kissing
Happy newly wed couple
Happy newly wed couple


Our membership costs only $1 per month. Yes, you read correctly. We want as many members as possible in our database, and we have set our prices accordingly. Participation in Multidates are sold separately and is not included in the membership. The price for participation in a Multidate is $250. We will contact you when we have found suitable candidates for you, and it is up to you to decide when and if you want to participate in a Multidate.

The membership renews automatically each month until you cancel the membership. You can cancel the automatic renewal at any time. The membership gives you access to your member profile, where you can update your information, upload pictures and video as well as provide feedback from your dates.

A Multidate include interactive video dates with three different candidates. You meet the candidates separately at different times within one week. The dates can be accessed from your smartphone, pc/mac or tablet-pc/iPad. It's important that you have a functioning camera and microphone in order to participate in a Multidate event.